Outers Recreation: Stone, Mud and Clear Lakes – 1918

Click on the link below to explore a unique article about Stone, Mud (Fawn) and Clear Lakes. Outers Recreation: Stone, Mud and Clear Lakes  which is the third acticle in a series from E. C. Potter who documented most of the lakes in Manitowish Waters with great detail.  Key insights from this publication includes a detailed map of islands and campsites, the status of the Stone Lake Resort, impacts of the Rest Lake Dam on these lakes, the unique campsite on Clear Lake, and concludes with a challenging musky story that ends with gunfire.  Unfortunately, any details of the Devine residence on Clear Lake are absent.  While, the trail to Big Lake is cited and corroborates many other publications that suggest the Big lake trail was well used by fishermen and hunters from the Manitowish Chain.


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