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Board of Directors

Jim Bokern President - [email protected]

John Hanson Vice President

Nancy LaPorte Secretary

Barb Bartling Treasurer

Frank DiLeonardi Board Member

Ruth Gardner Board Member

Janelle Kohl Board Member

Kay Krans Board Member

JoAnn Miller Board Member

John McFarland Board Member Emeritus


The Manitowish Waters Historical Society has several working committees to conduct the important work of preserving and sharing historical resources.

Manitowish Waters Historical Society working committees:

Oral History - chair Janelle Kohl

Pre History - chair Jim Bokern

Early History - co-chairs Kay Krans & Jim Bokern

Photo & Maps - chair Ruth Gardner

Outreach and Resources - chair John Hanson

Town Records - chair John Hanson

Archival Records - chair Janelle Kohl

Communications - chair Frank DiLeonardi

Newsletter - chair Jean Bettenhausen

Membership - chairs Barb Bartling & Emily Bokern

Nominations - chair John Hanson

Technology - chair Jim Bokern

       Events-co-chairs Jody Miller & Jean Bettenhausen


Those considering joining the Manitowish Waters Historical Society are encouraged to participate in one or more working committees.  The chairs of working committees welcome insights in guiding committee efforts and need assistance from members willing to pitch in. Feel free to reach out to working committee chairs to learn more about your favorite working committee!