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President's Letter

The Manitowish Waters Historical Society looks forward to a busy 2019.  We have a variety of events and projects planned that both preserve and showcase our rich history. The Manitowish Waters Historical Society is an affiliated member of the Wisconsin Historical Society and enjoys the support of a large network of historical societies. Additionally, the Manitowish Waters Historical Society has 501c3 status from the IRS and offers members and supporters the same benefits as other nonprofit groups. 

In collaboration with North Lakeland Discovery Center, the Manitowish Waters Historical Society is offering a series of pontoon tours, trips and events.   The MWHS is also going to continue a recognition program of Manitowish Waters historians.  For many decades, several Manitowish Waters residents have chronicled our history and have made enormous contributions, preserving critical resources and stories.  We now celebrate these historians by formally recognizing their contributions and legacy annually as “Leaders of Historic Preservation.”  This event will take place at the North Lakeland Discovery Center on May 22nd. Celebrating the work of early Manitowish Waters historians will be a focus of 2019.

This year, the historical society has continued to archive our documents using PastPerfect archival software that can be linked to our web page. PastPerfect has an online component that allows community members easy access to historic resources.  Importantly, the MWHS webpage has been redesigned to add more documentation and new narratives, illustrated with images from the past for all to enjoy.

We are also continuing the tradition of gathering important historic information from our longtime residents, and we have sponsored historic gatherings with select Manitowish Waters' residents. Using the 1937 aerial photos from the state as a baseline of information, longtime residents can help locate key businesses and residences to create a permanent record for future generations. We also continue to create long-term documentation of oral histories from community members to capture our heritage.

We are continuing several community outreach activities that have received positive reviews.  Collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce, the MWHS continues the “Historic Mysteries of Manitowish Waters” series using the popular Chamber After 5 venue on August 1 st. This year, the presentations will be reviewing Clear, Big, and Island lakes' mysteries.

Please go to https://www.mwhistory.org/events/ to discover times and dates for our special events.