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President's Letter


This summer hopes to be a return to traditional Manitowish Waters Historical Society events and outreach. With the promise of an early spring and effective vaccines, we are expanding our events and projects to further preserve and share our community’s history. The MWHS is an affiliated member of the Wisconsin Historical Society and enjoys the support of a large network of historical societies. Additionally, the MWHS has 501(c))(3) status from the IRS and offers members and supporters the same benefits as other nonprofit groups.

In spring of 2021, the MWHS kicked-off a large fundraising drive to secure interns for the next 3 to 4 years. Over the past few years, the MWHS has employed digital experts on a part-time basis to archive our documents, using PastPerfect archival software. The effort of the MWHS to create a digital archive of a 130+-year backlog of community documents is among our highest priorities. Our new interns will also focus on

adding stories, images and narratives to our webpage, allowing everyone free access.

We are also continuing the tradition of gathering important historic information from our long-time residents and sponsor historic gatherings with select Manitowish Waters' residents. These events focus on capturing oral histories from community members to further preserve our heritage. Importantly, our seven newest oral histories immediately migrated to our YouTube Channel, allowing you easy access.

In collaboration with the North Lakeland Discovery Center, the MWHS continues to offer a series of pontoon tours, trips and events. The MWHS is also going to continue a recognition program of Manitowish Waters’ historians. We celebrate these long-time historians by formally recognizing their contributions and legacy annually as “Leaders of Historic Preservation.” This event and a presentation on the history of the Statehouse Youth Conservation Corp camp will take place at the North Lakeland Discovery Center on September 9th.

Our MWHS Fun Night used a team Jeopardy format to allow up to eight people to answer Manitowish Waters’ history questions. Attendees had a great time, and our Fun Night will continue as an annual tradition. Many more presentations will be conducted at the Koller Library as well.

Community outreach activities continues to be an exciting tradition for the MWHS. Collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce, the MWHS will close the final chapter on “Historic Mysteries of Manitowish Waters” Five-Part series, using the popular Chamber After 5 venue. This year, the presentations will review Stone, Fawn, Dog, Dead Pike and Circle Lily lakes' mysteries

Please go to https://www.mwhistory.org/events/ to discover times and dates for our special events. We look forward to seeing you in 2021!

Highest Regards,


Jim Bokern