Owen/Norwood Map 1847

Owen/Norwood Map 1847 selected from the Owen Geological Expedition

J.G. Norwood (1847) was a geologist who also surveyed the interior region for mineral wealth and was attached to the Owen Expedition. Norwood kept an extensive journal of his travels with the greatest detail. His map is outstanding and was drawn by an Ojibwe whom included the names of many lakes and portages written in native language. Norwood kept great journals of all his travels and was the most scientific in his record of 6-Pause Portage. Norwood’s work is the most comprehensive regarding the Turtle Portage, the Flambeau Trail and Turtle Band of the Ojibwe. Though he did not travel through the Mantiowish chain, his map is the msot detailed and accurate.  When combined with the journals and maps from A. B. Gray from 1846 these sources provide keen insights into the earliest recorded history of Manitowish Waters.

A second detailed map of the Manitowish Waters, Lac Du Flambeau band and Turtle Portage band is included below the first map.