Robert Loveless Journal 1891-1925

This amazing journal was transcribed exactly from the written work of Robert Loveless.  Ultimately, he resided on Alder Lake and was one of the founding pioneers of the Manitowish Waters community.

Robert Loveless has a comprehensive journal of his hunting, trapping, guiding, and caretaking from the earliest days of Manitowish Waters.  His colorful stories, rich details and geographic references allows this journal to "come alive", providing important context to life at the turn of the 20th century in MW.

The Begining Of a Book

March 14, Year 1925

The wild adventures and history of Robert Loveless

My father Dide when i was going on 12 years of age and wee was a Poor family and my Father was a great hunter with a Museloading gun and was a good traper and after his Death My Mother told me that if i Could Make a livin hunting and traping and fishing i could go Try So i Started to a Lake 4 miles from the Place where wee lived a little Town Caled Turtel Lake Barron Co and i fished through the ice for some time and good luck and done very well trapin for Small Fur animals But Did not get Much for their Pelts But as i grew older and Came More and More faimiler with the Business it was easy for me to get eny Kind of fur anninel Beaver otter Mink Rats Martin fisher foxes timber wolves or eny Kind of hunting  this Became easy

Finely in my traviles i Came to Vilas County where it was wilder in the year of 1891 and at this time this Country was very wild and here i fished for the Market and Sold them to the logging camps for Provisons and also Kept trapping and hunting and i also took up guiding as this Job was easy for me as i understood the Buisness and made a good guide and when i once went with a Man i always got him again as i worked and tried to get all the Big fish on his hook that i could wether he got them in the Boat or Not i wanted him to feel them on the line or See them finaly i was hired By the year By the Presdent of the Congress Hotel Company of Chicago By the Name of Richard Southgate and also a man By the Name of Mr Marvin Hughitte which is Now the vice President of the Chicago North western Railroad this man i was with for many years especally Mr Southgate him i was in his employ for 30 years until they all Died

But i Still Kepe hunting and traping

in the year of 1891 when i first arrived in vilas County i Came with a younge Fellow By the name of Alick McGerogery he took a great liken to Me and wanted to go with Me and hunt trap and fish and of Corse i Never had much Money Nor he dident eeither But he had More than i Did as he was a Breakman on the Soo Railroad and was more sure of his mony than i was at trapin when Pay Day Came for him he got what he had comming and when a otter or a wild Cat or a Beaver got in my trap i was not Shure of him until i Came and Shot him as they often get out of the trap or Knaw off their foot or when i got a fish on my line i was Not Shure of him untill i got him Safe in the Boat or Birch Bark Canoe the same with a Deer i Might wound him and he would give me a hard Chase and then get away from Me

well i and this fellow Alick McGregery wee left Chippeaw County in the Night on a freight train for Rhinelander in the year of 1891 Late in the fall and he had in money Eighty Dollars and i did not have eny money all i had was a tent Size 7 by 9 wedge tent at that and some traps and tin Dishes and when wee got to a town By the name of Prentis Junction he Began to drink as i Knew that he was a Drinker and would Spend all that he had when he got Started So i Said Alick Lend me 5 Dollars and he Said all Rite and gave it to me and i kept this up at times until i had More Mony than he had i Knew that wee was going in a Strange Country and wee had to have Some Money to Start So when wee got to Rhinelander wee went to a hotel and got a Bed and he had to have a Bottle to take up to Bed with him and i asked him what do you want that for at Night so he Said i might want a Drink in the Night well the Next Mornning he said to me give Me enough Money to Pay for My Nights loggin i Said all Rite as for My Self i Did never Practice getting Drunk as i was drunk twice and i was very sick after it and i Did not for get this

well the next morning at Rhinelander wee took the Northwestern Mornning train going North to a town Called woodruff a Distance of 25 Miles this town at that time had about 5 houses including a Store Saloon and hotel and a little Depo this was the size of it and from here i and Alick walked over an old toat Road 12 Miles to a lake Called Big  trout Lake and the hole country was solid Pine forest lots of Places the Sun never got to the ground the timber was So thick well when wee got to Big trout there was a fellow By the name of John Man had a Summer Resort there and on a Iland there a man lived By the Name of Jack Blaisdell and on a nother iland a Man By the Name of Pat Brussell he had a Saloon and Sold lickor to the Indians and Lumber Jacks for his liven and on a Nother Island there was a fellow that lived By the Name of Billie McArthor and he Lived with a Squaw and is to Day one of the oldest Men in this Country and as i find he is a good fellow he follows guiding this was all the residence that there was on Big troul Lake at this time well i and Alick Started to hike back the 12 miles to town of Woodruff and when wee got there the Town being So Small and Could not get the Stuff that wee wanted wee was told that there was a nother littel town a Little Bigger about 2 Miles west By the name of Minocqua so wee hiked over to this town So this looked some Better So i Remember i done all the Buying for the outfit and Spent Alicks Money But he was around But Said not Much of anything he knew that i ought to Know what wee ought to have So i Remember that i got 16 Dollors worth of grub and i got an old Cook Stove that i gave 5 Dollors for and i got about 4 lengths of Stove Pipe and an elbow and i hired a Man with a Pair of Light Bob Sleighs to hawl the outfit out to Big Trout Lake i gave him 3 dollors for the trip well wee got there and the teamster Said where Do you want Me to Leave your outfit and i said drive along and i will See i Did not Know where to hang up But at this time he was driving along the Sid of Big trout lake in the thick woods and i Seen a Kind of Deep hole Down in the thick Tall Pines So i Said Can you Drive Down in towards that hole cluster and he Said this is Pretty hard to get in there well i Said this is all Rite wee will throw her off Rite here and will Carry her Down So Back he went as Much as to Say them Crasy fellows Soon will get frose out in that hole and of course that Night had to Bee a cold one i gus Some what 10 or 15 Below i Know this little tent that wee had Size 7 By 9 wedge no walls was Small for the Cookstove and our Bed wee Throwed all the Snow away and Pitched the tent and throwed Snow up on the Sides of the tent to Bank it and Keep the heat in So having the Stove in there it Melted the Snow on the Sides of the Tent and was wet So when wee went to Bed with our close on My hair was Some what Pretty Long and i covered up my head and i had a coat or Something else for a Pillow and My hair got down Between the tent and this Pillow and in the Morning i found that My hair was frozen fast to the tent you See the fire went out and the tent was wet when i turned in Bed and when i was trying to get my hair loose i Could hear it Breaking off and feel Some of it Pulling out Well i Said to Alick this is to Cold in this tent and wee have no Room wee had Better look around to Day and see Maybe wee can find Some a log Shack to get in So after wee had Some Salt Pork fried and Coffee wee Started up along the Lake Shore toward John Mans Summer Resort and i Spied a little Shack in a Bay of the Lake and wee went up and looked it over and it looked Pretty good only the Boards that it was Made out of was Split Poles and there was Cracks every where and the floor was poles So i went up to John Man and ask him if wee could Move in the Shack and he Said that he did not own it But it Belonged to a guide By Name of Old Pawl and he Said i guss it is all Rite go in there he wont youse it this winter So wee moved in the Shack and the Shack was Small in Size about 8 By 9 and when wee had a fire going it was Pretty good But when the fire went Down the heat went out through the Cracks and when you was inside and it was Dark out Side you Could Not See the Cracks and when you was out Side and looked at the walls it was Nothing But Cracks and at times you Could See the Moon Shinning through

Well this was to Much for us So wee had to Plan on something else So i had a talk with John Man and it Seems that he wanted us around there for Neighbors as he had no one So he Said why Dont you go in that tamarack Swamp over there and cut Some logs and i will let you have My team and hawl them out and Roll them up and Make a new Shack the team will Cost Nothing and it is a good thing that it Dident Cost Me enything for when i went from the tent to the first Shack one Night Alick was laing on the Bunk and he Said well i wonder how Much Money wee have So he Dug in his Pockets and i Dug in Mine and what he had and what i had was 36 Cents Now this wouldent Pay for harnessing the horses well wee Cut the logs and Rolled them up in a Log Cabin and wee had Nothing for a Roof So wee Put Poles over the top and Down the lake about 1/2 mile the indians had Bin camping and had a wigwam and there they had hid in the woods Some Matten which they make out of the Rushes that gows along the Lake Shore So wee got that and Spread it over the Poles and throwed a lot of dirt on top of it  the dirt was Pild high in the Midel and i got Some Muck out of the Swamp and Plastered up the Cracks Now this Shack was all Rite there was No window one light in the door

So wee finaly got Seteled and i got to fishing Now Alick was a Bum fisherman But a good fellow So when wee got to Running around over the Lake looking for some good Place to Catch fish at times he wanted Me to go over on this Island where this Man Pat Brazel had the Saloon of Couse he wanted a Drink one Day he Said to me let wee go over to the Islane and ask Some of them fellows where to fish and i Said wee had Better not go But eny how wee went you See wee was Straingers in that Country and when wee went in the Saloon there was 3 guids a Drinking at the Bar and wee walked in and Said hello fellews i Never was in that Place Before So wee Stood a few minuts and No Body Said enything So wee went over next to the wall and Sat on the floor on our hinters and this 3 guides Kept on Drinking and talking So after a little while Alick Spoke up and Said Say fellows where Can wee go and catch Some fish and one fellow Spoke up By the name of Charley Carigan and Said find the Place like wee did Who Shoed us when wee came here So this ended asking and it Seemed to me that wee was not wanted in that Joint So wee get out and when wee get out Side i Said to Alick i told you Not to ask them where to go and fish and what i Did Know was this that if the fish was in the lake i in time would Know the Spots and i Must Say in time i Certanly Did find their Spots where they Staid well time went on and i and Alick was getting along Nicely So one Morning i was up and he was Ling in the Bunk yet and had not got up yet So i Do Not Just Remember But i Do Know that wee started up an arguement about Something or other and of Corse i get Mad and Jumped and grabed him By the Shirt Collar and Jerked him out of the Bunk and tor all of the Buttons off his Shirt well this he Could not get over But i was Sorry as i ought of Not Don it But he left Me and Before he went he told Pat Brazell that he would give him the Cook Stove and one Day Pat Said to me Alick give me that Cook Stove and i Said to him quick you leave that Stove alone or you will git in trouble So this was the last i ever herd about it

So i Sent to the Suthern Part of the State and get My Brother to Come and Stay with me his Name was Lon Loveless he was Somewhat younger than i was But wee got along fine and he liked the Busness and turned out to Bee a great guide and a good hunter and traper he had at one time all taned one thousand Dollars worth of fur well one winter i and him caught through the ice 8 hundered Pounds of trout and Sold Most all of them to the loggin Ccmps that is traded them for chuck Something to eat and one morning i was up and Lon was in Bed a fellow Came to the Door and Raped i opened the Door and here was the fellow Charley Carigan the Man that Said find the fish ground Like wee Did who shoed us and i Said hello there as i Did not Know his name then he Said hellow then he Began to Say Did you tell Pat Brazell that i told that you told him that i said and So on i have forgoten the Stuff that he Maishered out to me only he said you come over to the iland and wee will Prove it so on went My Coat and mits and away wee went you see he just wanted to get me over there and Made up this Stuff well when i got over there there was Nothing Said about what i went over to Prove all the Said was why Dont you and your Brother Come over and have a good time and Play Cards and Drink with the Rest of the guides and not Stay over in that Shack all alon why Dont you get acqainted with the other guides if you Dont in the Spring wee will all Buck you Charley Said wont weeMose and wont wee Paul and they Said you Bet of couse i Said nothing they said you wont get a Days work wee will Starve you out Charley Said and the other 2 men Said you Bet then i did Speak up and Said you fellows Cant Starve Me out not as long as i have a fish Pole and a gun Boys i fished for a living Befor i came here and they Said wee will Show you

So i left them and went My way and they went theirs and i must Say about a year later this Man Charley Carigan Came walking through from Boulder toun and them Days shacks was few and Scaterin and long ways a Part So Charley Came to My Cabin and he Rapt and i Said Come in and i gave him a Chair and he Sat Down and i Knew Pretty well where he came from and i Knew the Distance that he had walked and he had his Snow Shoes with him and he looked Some what tired and i Knwe what he wanted was Something to eat But i would not ask him i wanted him to ask me and after while he Said Say Bob have you got enything to eat in the Shack this is what i wanted i Said quick you Bet Charley i am not Starved out yet and went to work and gave him the Best that i had So he eat and went on So nother time a year ar 2 later he Came my way again and Came in and i done the Same way let him wait untill he ask for Something to eat and i Said you Bet Charley i aint Starved out yet and it looks as if i aint going to Bee Niether So he Did fill up and i gave him the Best that i had in the shack

So it ran along Some years Before he Came again and finally he Raped at my Shack Door in the winter when i was on the Bank of Little trout Lake well i was glad to See him he was all alone and he had a Pack on his Back well he Came in and threw Down his Sack i must Say his face was a Site all Scratched up and all Scabed up and he was on his way to the Flambeau Lumber Company to try and get a Job Now he asked me for Something to eat again and i Said you Bet Charley i aint Starved out yet i have more grub Now than i ever had Before. Nnow you Know he followed Drinking and Playing Cards and fiting which he wanted me to do and i Did Not Listen to him he was a good guide and all the money that he would earn in the Summer he would Drink it up in the fall and when he Came this last time and wanted Something to eat he Just Came off a Drunk and had got in a fite and got Skined and Scabed up well the Poor fellow got off up in North East of Boulder Junction away Back in them hills By Beaver lake i gus and was Making Moon Shine and finaly he came up missen and noe one Knew where he went Some thinks that he was Killed By a nother Moon Shiner

one Time i went to a lake Called Rock lake Some years ago i was alone and out of Meat and i entended to try and Kill a Deer on this lake at Night about the our of Sun Down and at this year Deers was Very scarce and i had to Pack a Birch Bark Canoe to this lak Some Distance eny how i looked all around the lake and watched  close for Some Deer to Come in the lake But failed to see eny But the thing was i Did not have enything to eat only a small Salt and tea Pail So i Knew that there was lots of fish in the lake and it Being evenning they ought to Bite good But i Did not have eny line and hook to catch them with So i got to thinking So i took My Powderhorn String off which was about 2 feet long and i caught a Small frog and i tied the String around his Bellie and got By an old tree top and let it Down By the Side of the Birch Bark Canoe and i Could See the fish looking at it But they Did not like to Come up to it as it Seemed to me that i Did not have enuff line out But i thought if you want it you will hafta come and get it as i can not tet eny More line out So after while they Begin Swimming around a little Closter untill one grabbed it and Before he knew what was about i had him in the Canow and i got 2 of them this way they was Big Mouth green Bass So i had Salt and then i Roasted them on a forked Stick over the fire But i want to Say that there was lots of fish around this old top where i Caught thes 2 Bass

one time in about this Same Country i Discovered a Very Large Buck Deer with Very Nice horns Lying Dead in the woods which the timber wolves had Killed and the woolves had eaten all of one Side out of him and had not turned him over yet and a few feet from the carcase there was the Beds of 3 woolves in the Snow i Put Some traps ther to Catch the woolves when they came Back for a nother Meal But it Seems that they Did not Come Back in thes Beds there was a Bosn in Each Bed So after while the traps was taken up as i wanted to Set them Some other Place for an oter and at odd times i would go and See this Deer and one time i Discovered that it was all tracked up aroung there By a fisher and a fox as near as i could figure was a fisher Came there and had Bin eatin on the Deer and got filled up and then was lien Down on top of a Big log By the Dead Deer and while he was there a Fox Came to eat the Deer and the fisher Jumped on him and all around there was Black hair qnd Red hair  they Seemed to have an affel fight for over an acker of ground and i was trying for Some time to track them But Could Not get head nor tail of their tracks So in order to find out i Made a Big Circle around all the logs and Brush and i found where the fisher had went in the Circle and i also found the tracks of the fisher comming out of the Circle and he was Dragen Something in the Snow So i folled his track and Some Distance away i found where the fisher had Burried Something at the Roots of a Big hemlock tree and i Dig it up and it was the hind Parts of the fox the tail was on and was Still good a good Size fisher is about 5 feet long from the tip t tip and Run in Color Blakc Brown and Pail Some Pepel thinks that they Catch fish But Run high land fur is very fine and expensive

one time in the winter of 1897 i had a line of traps out from Little trout lake to Big Papoose Lake and there hid away in the woods i had a trapers Shack where i Staid over Night and the Next Morning when i aroze i take a nother Rout from there a going North to Birch Lake and from the far end of Birch lake i went a crost to a nother lake and Staid all night and the next Morning Back to Little trout lake all thes trips had to Bee Made on Snowshoes as them years the Snow Seemed to Bee Much Deeper and Much Colder weather wee had i Mad this trip to My traps once a week and i traped for Mink Martin fisher and Beaver and otter timber woolves and foxes Muskrats there was no Money in trapping them only youse their Carcis to Bait the traps with one time i did not go to my traps for 2 weeks and when i Did go and was comming up to my Little Cabin after a new fallen Snow i Dis Covered all Kinds of fisher tracks on the Roof and around the Camp the Camp was very Small Say in size 6 by 9 feet Poles on top and Some tar Paper over them Now it Seemed to Me that there was a Porpine that Dug under the Shack and livin in there there was No floor and this fisher Came along and Killed him in there and eat him up and up on the Reach Pole in the Roof when i went away the last time i hung 5 Rat Carcus tid there with a String and this fisher Could See them there in order to get them he went on the Roof and tore a hole in the tar Paper and Knoaed aff the String then went down in Side and eat them and when i arrived he had Just gon and i threw Down My Pack and took after him But it was quite Late to follow him But i Kept up the Chase and got in a Big Swamp and turned Back and i came to the Shack when the time come i Spread out My Blankets and Jumped in and i jumped out again a porpine Quill Jabed me in the back

one time years ago when i was guiding Mr Hughitte of the North western Railroad there was a nother guid by the Name of Ernest Frayback well wee talked the Party up to go to Little Bare lake for one Night now there was only to Men in the Party Dock Hammond of Chicago and Mr Hughitte of the Northwestern Railroad and wee 2 guides So frayback got them talked up to go to Little Bare lake and i Never been to this Before and Never went Since and i Dont think that frayBack had ever bin there as he got Lost and i folled him and was Lost with him well Ernest had a Birch Bark Canoe Some Smaller than mine as i had a Bark Canoe to my Canoe was 4 foot Beam well wee Started from Big lake and went up to Little Round lake to the inlet and went up the creek about a Mile and 1/2 and a trail Started out from here Rite in a Big Tamerack Swamp So wee Bulled our Canoes up out of the Creek here and Dock Hammond and Mr Hughitte took the trail and Started and all they had to Carry with them was a gun a pice and wee intended to Camp all night on that lake So they left all the Baggage for i and Ernest to get over the trail and there was about one hundred Pounds of it and the trail was one and 3/4 miles long and was Bushey well i and Ernest Divided the hundred Pounds and he took his 50 Pounds and i took My 50 Pounds and he was a Big man to the Size of me and i had the Biggest Birch Bark Canoe it was 18 feet long and a 4 foot Beam and Ernest was 14 feet well i said what are you going to Do are you goung to Duble the trail or take your 50 Pounds with your Canoe i thought that if i was going to Bee a guide i had to dig in and Do my Share no Matter how Big the other fellow was well he Said i am going to take my 50 Pounds Rite with my Canoe well i Said all Rite and i Knew that this was going to Bee a hard one on me with this 50 Pounds Packed in each end of my 18 Foot BirchBark Canoe and i did not want him over on the Lake fishing with his Man and Me still on the trail Doubling the trail and My Man Standing on the Bank of the lake a fighting Mosquatos So i Started to take the hole 50 Pounds as he Did well wee got Packed and Ready to Put the Canoes on our heads he went a head and i Behind i had not gone But a Short way in this Swamp and i Got Stuck Between 2 tamrack trees i had to Much Beam my Canoe was to wide So i had to turn the Canoe up edge was on my Neck and you must Know what this Means with a Birch Bark 18 feet long with 50 Pounds of Luggage in it well i get through of Course Ernest was hiking along fighting Mosquotes and Carring his Canoe and his 50 Pounds in it i Could See him at times through the Brush and heavy timber a head well in My Days and for My Size as i weighed about 135 Pounds i Must Say i was a quite a Pack Mule i Could Carry all that i Could get a heft of But this Canoe and this 50 Pounds was More than i ought to of took heft of as it was a heavy load and i am Ritting the trip as i Never forgot it i earned My $250 that Day and More to guiding in thes early Days was No easy Job as Most Peopel Traveled with Canoe and they liked to go to the lakes that had Never Bin fished and i liked to take them their Because they felt like that they were in the wildernes and they always Caught Lots of fish well after while i Seen Ernest ahead Resting with his Canoe Stuck high up in the Crotch of a hemlock tree So i came up to him wee had got about 1/4 mile well when i Caught up to him he gets under his Canoe and Starts off again well i had to Stop My Sholders Began to ach and My Knes was gitting wably So i  Rested and went on and after while i got glimse of Ernest again he was Still going and after while i See him Resting again and this time he Did not wait til i Came up to him he Just went again well i Came to the Spot where he Rested and i took a Rest and went on So Wee Keep this way Doing over the hole 1 3/4 Miles which wee Made the Distance more than 1 and 3/4 Miles Now Doc Hammond and Marvin Hughitte Kept the Rite trail through the Woods and i folled Ernest and he got off the Rite trail and took an old Deer trail and this Deer trail Brought us out Nearly to the head of little Bear Lake But he See the watter Down there through the trees then he made for the water well by going So far of the way this Made the Distance about 2 and 1/4 Miles So i Kept up to him as good as i Could and finely i Come to him and he was in trouble when he went to leave this old Deer trail and got Down through the woods and thick Brush to the lake he had his mans Dock Hammonds Rod and Reel laying on his Cross Bars in his Canoe and Some how or Nother the hook on the line Droped Down and he was tearing Down through the Brush and of Corse the hook in Something and then it on Reealed all of Docks Line and you Maby Know what this Means to have 150 feet of fish line Strung out through the Brush over logs and among the trees Now i must Say Ernest Could Sware and when i Come up to him he was Certanly Making the woods Ring he was wet with Sweat and fitting Mosquotes i See his troubel and i Said But Little as i Knew that he was Saying enouff for Me and him and i Knew that was his business and i Knew that i had to Paddel my own Canoe well Miss hap with Ernest Let me get a head and i felt Some what Better So while he was getting fish line out of the Brush i Put my Canoe in the lake and Ernest Came Down to the lake and Said i have to Build a fire and Pitch up my Canoe well it Seemed as if he wlways had to Do this every time that he Made a Portage you See when he had the Canoe on his head he would Not Bee Carfull enuff and Swing the front end in time when there was a tree a head of him he would Ram the front end of the Canoe Rite into the tree and then Knock off the Pitch then Before he Could Put it in the water he had to Pitch it up again well i Padeled on Down the lake and i See the 2 men Dock an Marvin Standing out on a log that Ran out in the lake and as i Came Near to them i herd Marvin My Man Say here Come Bob and when i got up to them as Ernest was not in Site where is Ernist i Said he is away up around that Point Pitching up his Canoe Marvin Said to Me Bob how is it that you Can get ahead of that Big twitch Man well i Said i Did you See what Wee out of done was to take our Canoes over the trail and when went Back and got our 50 Pounds a Piece it looks to Me as if he was trying Me and do Me up he had Me a going that time But our Party Did not Know enything about this Bucking Business well wee went fishing and this was Certanly a Beautifull lake and the water was Clear as a Cristil and the trees all around the lake hung over the watter the Lake was not more than 3/4 of a Mile long and about 1/4 of a mile wide and when wee left our Camp at Big lake wee Did not take enything Much to eat the Party entended to Catch fish and Shoot Something to live on But wee all went hungry on this trip all wee Cout in this lake was 3 or 4 Small Bass about 1 Pound a Pice and 4 of us to eat them i and Mr Hughitte trie at Night to get a Deer with a lite But wee failed Mr Hughitte had a Muskilonge on his hook that would weigh i think about 10 Pounds But he got away wee Staid all night and the first thing in the Morning wee Packed up and got Back to woolf lake Creek Just as Soon as wee had what little to eat what wee had then Dock and Marvin took their guns and Started Back over the trail i and Ernest Divided the luggage and he Soon hit the trail to and i Stil was trying to get the tea Pail and frying Pan qnd some tin Cups fixed on the Cros Bars of my Canoe i Dreaded the trip Back But i Knew that i had to get Back Wee could not Stay there But i hurried and finaly got started and i went on for Some Distance But Did not See enything of Ernest at all and i had to take a Rest But i Did not have the luggage fixed in My Canoe as i Did when i went over it Bothered me i had Pans and Kittles tied on the Cross Bars of the Canoe and they was Swinging in my face and Bothered Me So i Made up My Mind that i would take all the Baggage off of the Canoe and Carry away Down the trail and then Come Back and get the Canoe Now this i Done and i went farr enouff with it that i Seen Ernest taking a Rest i Knew that he would take long rests and when i See him i put down My Baggage and Ran Back and got My Canoe and Brought it up to My Baggage then i hooked the Canoe up in a Crotch of a tree and grabed up My Stuff again and took it Down the trail again until i See Ernest again Resting you See when he was Resting a long time i was going and had a Chance in Packing So i Keep Doing this way until i Come to his last Rest then i took all of My Stuff Rite along with the Canoe and when i come to the Creek he had Just put his Canoe Down and was Streching when i Come up But None of them ever Knew how i got over the trail Comming Back and i Never told them to think that i Could Pack as Much as the Next Man even if i sas Small as far as tuff  i was tuff enuff So wee all loaded up the Canoes and went Back to Big Lake and Never went over there again

one time in the year of 1897 when i had charge of Mr Richards Southgate Residence and Mr Marvin Hughitte as Now Vice President of the Chicago North western Railroad well one time i Staid at Little trout Lak for a perid of time of 2 Soled Months all alone and Never Seen a Man or livin Sole or talked to enyone i had a Dog with Me that Belonged to My Hughitte his Name was McKinley and i Did Play the violin By ear and when i Did want Some Musick i would Play a tune or 2 and when i would Start Playing the Dog would Stick his head high up in the air and Begin to howell and when he would Do this it Made Me think that i was a good violinest and i would Play all the harder So i got so that i youst to Say to the Dog Sing McKinly and he got So that he Knew what i Ment and then he would Begin howling again Mr Southgate and Mr Hughitte at this time tride to get Some one to Deliver a telegram to Me But they failed to find eny one that Knew where Little trout lade was the hole Country was Heavy timbered and there was No Roads only Portage trails and talk about fish there was Lots of them in ever Lake Lakes that was way Back in the Woods and Big high Bluffs all aroung them you would wonder how they got in there and no out Let Nor in Let i tell you Some Country of Corse where ever you went you had to Pack a Birch Bark Canoe and your Bed and Something to eat

A Deer Hunt one time i took My Rifle and went out on a New Snow to Kill a Deer i went North East from Alder Lake well i had gon for Some Distance i Ran across a Nice Buch track and he was einding around through all the thickets But Did not Stop eny only when he was Listing and this was about 10 oClock in the foor Noon Now this you Dont often See at this time of Day But it was in the fall and he was looking for a Doe So i Kept Close watch ahead and in Both Sides and went Slow and Circled him when i Could and Kept Down wind So that he Could Not Smell Me in Case that he was in Sid of My Circle well i Kept walking and Circeling and always Come up to the track on the Down win Side But it Semed that i Could not get him in Side of the Circle i always Came up to his track where he had gon on But not Running Nor Not Jumping always walking finall after i had followed him about 2 Miles he Began to Stop Some and Stand around Mor So i Began to get his ideas So he turned a Square Corner and Started North east for a Poplar thicket about 3/4 of a Mile away this 3/4 Mile ther was about a 1/2 Mile of it that i Could See for Some Distance But i Could Not See him in Site enywhere So i hit up a good Pace acrost this opening and when i had gon about 80 Rods in this Poplar thicket there was a little Marsh on My left and i figured that he would Bee on the other Sid Probly Standing and at this time i was not on the track it was to My left and i hapend to turn My head to My Rite and i See him hiking along and i Jerked My Rifel to My Sholder quick and fired Down he went and i went up to him and i See he was hit on the top of the Sholders and was trying to get away his tung was hanging out and he had a very large Set of horns and i was Standing now and was looking at him i Did not want to Shoot him in the head on acount of him having a nice head and i Did not wand to Shoot him in the Me as it would Spoil Some Meat So as he was headed away from Me i Steped up and Poked him with the gun Barrell well you out to See how quick he Mad for Me and Snorted at the Same time well i almost Could fel the wind of him Behind Me i Jumped Behind a tree and he Started off and i Shot him

one time in the winter of the year of 1910 Just about thanks given when i lived on alder Lake Charge of Southgates Private Summer home on Little trout Lake and at times in the wunter i would go over to Little trout and See if things was all Rite around the Place But i lived on Alder lake Now i had one horse and a Sleigh So i would Drive over to trout lake when i went at times So on Mornning i hooked up the hors and Started the Ice was about 8 inches thick on the Lake and there was about 4 inches of Snow on it Now as i Drove acrost the lake i See Something lying on the ice about 1/2 Mile west of Me and about 1/4 Mile from the Shore and when i Seen it i thought that the Indians had gon aCrost with their Pones and had lost their horse Blanket it Seemed to Bee Strewed out over the ice So i Drove over toward it and when i got Closter i Begin to think that it was Not a hors Blanket i thought it was Some hay as i See Black Pices Scatered aroung in Different Places So the Near i Drove i Begin to think that it was Not hay So when i get up Pretty Clost i Seen that it was a Deer and i Could See timber wolf tracts all around and i thought that there was 3 or 4 of them But i Discovered later on that there was only on timber wolf Now i went up to the Deer and i See that he was a yearlen and the wolf had Killed him on this Spot i Could See that he had eaten all of one ford quarter and all the Ribs on the Same Side what he had eaten the forward from and he had eaten all the inwards and that Morning it was about 20 Below zero his legs was frozen But he was still warm other wis and when he had his fill out of the Deer then you Could See where he had tried to Drag him about 15 or 20 feet But he was to heavy for him and he gave it up and the wolf went for the woods So i took the Deer Carcase and throwed it on My Sled and went for the Place where i had to go of the lake when i Started from home then when i got to the Place where i was to Leave the lake i throwed the Deer Carcase off By an old Snag that Stuck up through the ice and here is where i Discovered the Deer tracks where were he was walking on the ice along The shore and i Could See where the Deer had Bin Standing By this Snag and from there he Started to Run and Jump So i foled the Deer tracks Back and Maishired the Distance to See how far that the wolf was Behind him where he Started to Run and the wolf was about 8 or 10 Rods Behind him Now you See this Deer was Standing By this Snag and he hapened to turn his head and Seen the timber wolf Behind him So he Started Rite out in the lake which he had not of Don and the Deer turned a Square Corner and the wolf Cut aCrost to Catch him this wolf folled and when the Deer Stoped the wolf would Stop But the wolf trying to get as Clost Behind the Deer as he Could and no telling how far he had followed this Deer as i Did not follow the track Back to See Now when the wolf Cut aCrost the Sqare Corner to Catch the Deer the Deer would Slip on the ice as there was only 4 inches of Snow and the ice was glare under the Snow Now when the wolf Come to the Deers track aCrost the Square Corner the firs thing he grabed him But Did not get him Down But on the ice i Could See a Big Bunch of hair that he had Jerked out of him So the Deer Struck out Down the lake out quite away from the Shore and i folled them and i Could See away head of Me the Muss i the Snow when ever he would throw the Deer Down So i folled them on till the Seckond Place where he throwed him and here was a Lot of hair and Some Bloud So i went on to the 3 Place and here i Could See where the Wolf had Bin Kicked away and out from where the Deer had Bin throwen Down at least 16 feet that Deer had Kicked him ialways Could See that when the Deer was Down flat on the ice the wolfs tracks was next to his Back you See the Deer had long hind legs and the wolf hapened to get Next to his Billie this time and the Deers hind legs Came up and Just Sent him 16 feet in the Snow i Could See where he Came Running Back But No tracks to Show that he went out there well this 3 Place where he had him Down there was Some what More hair and More Blud So i went to the 4 Place and here was Much More hair and More Blud and i went to the 5 Place and here was a lot of Blud and lots of hair and i Started for the 6 Place and i Could See that the Deer was Bleeding all along Just as if he had Bin Shot and i Picked up the 7 Place and here was where i Picked up the Deer hair all around and i Noticed on the Deer that the wolf had Kept grabing him in one hind ham all the time and had tore all of the heavy Meat out of that ham But along where he had throwed the Deer he Did not leave eny of this Meat he Must of eatin it for i Did not See eny of it all i Seen was hair and Blod Now i went Back to the Sled and as i Said i throwed the Deer off at this Snag i Drove on over to little trout lake and Don My Business and Came Back as i entended to go home and get 2 or 3 Big Doubbel Spring traps and My Rifel and leave My horse there and Come Back and this i Done i Did Not take the Deer home with Me i left him By the Snag So i Came Back from home with 3 traps and My Rifel and a Small trapen ax and i Came up to the Deer By this Snag So i Knocked the Snow away By the Snag and Set one of the traps and Put it on the ice then i took the ax and choped all around the trak in the ice that is Marked around the trak to get the Shape of it then i took the trap away and Choped out in the ice Just a little Biger than the trap was that is a hole in the ice then i took and Bulled out a lot of hair and Made a Bed out of it in the hole then i Put my trap Down in this hole on the Deer hair then i took a nother lot of Deer hair and Covered up the trap then i Spread Snow over the Deer hair Just eaven like the Snow was all over the lake No high Pile on the trap i Put the hair under and over the trap So it Could not freeze the Jaws Down Now i took a Big Chunk of this Deer Meat and fastened it to this old Snag then i went up in the woods and Put out a Nother Chunk of the Deer Meat and fastened it to a tree amd Put 2 traps there then i took My Rifel and fixed My Self on a high Point Kindy out of the way and i figured that the wind was Just Rite and there was a lite Breeze from the North west But was very Sharp as the tempituer was about 15 Below zero Now i was quite Shure that the wolf would Bee Back as i Knew that he had tried to Drag the Deer to the Shore well i was not watching No longer than 30 or 40 Minutes the Sun had gon Down and i always was watching North of Me up where he had Killed the Deer and left him on the Lak and all to a Sudent i hapened to turn My head and here he was South of Me about 2 hundred yards Rite South of me and Rite Down wind this was Bad he would walk a littlel way out on the lake then he would Keep Sticking his nose up in the air all Different Directions this i Did Not like and he was Not out on the lake far enuff So he Kep Conmming Slowly and Kept Stoping and Smelling and i had My gun Cocked and Ready But Stood Very Still and he Kept looking on the lake where he had left the Deer and all at once he turned quick like a flash and Made lively Jumps for the green timber well i fired and i Seen the Bullet Strike the Snow Clost to him only Rite under him and Down he went But i Knew that i Did Not hit him Because he Slipped So i threw a Nother Shell in and fired again this Ball went Rite over him But Rite in line and in the woods he went well i got a fine look at him and got 2 Shots at a Distance of 2 hundred yards he Smelt Me the wind was Rong i Did not Figur that he would Come on th Down wind Side

i wonce was a tight Rope walker Now when i was going on 11 years old i Seen a fellow walking the tight Rope high up in a Town Called Turtle Lake Barron County his Cousin and he Done a Number of tricks on the Rope and i thought that i would try and learn to walk the Rope So i got holt of Some Rope Some way or another and i got it Streatched as toght as i Could get it and got Me a Stick for Balance Pole and then i tried to get on the Rope But i Must Say i was for at least one week Before i got My Both feet on that Rope i would trembel and Shake and i would get one foot on and when i went to take the other off of the ground My Bance leg would Just Crack By whipping Backand forwards and i was throwin flat of the ground a good many times and got Bumps and Brooses a good Miny times i would Stand and look at the Rope and Did Not Know if i would try it again or Not But i thought that fellow Don it why Cant i Do it one good thing was the Ropw was only about 2 feet from the ground other wise i would of Bin Killed the first time that i got on the Rope well i Stuck to it and after a long tussell i got So that i Could Stand on it and have My Back up against the Post that the Rope was tide to then i had a hard time to learn how to walk away from this Post So i Kept on trying and falling and getting on again untill i got So that i could walk to the other Post So i Kept this up walking a head until it Seemed easy then i Began to try and wald Backwords this was Not So hard as learnning to walk ahead as you See i had learned to Ballance My Self So i Kept walking ahead and Backwards untill it was easy So then i tried to Sit Down would lose My Balance Some times then Jump or fall off So i got this trick finaly and then i tried to Clime over the Pole this was hard But in time i got it By falling at times then i tried to turn around on the Rope this Certanly was a hard one you See when i got half way around then it was easy for me to lose My Balance and i had to have one foot turned one way on the Rope and one foot turned the other way and yet face Strait Down the Rope and Keep My Balance Pole Strait aCrost the Rope as when i was walking i Could Not Just turn around like you Do on the ground for if i Did Not have one foot one one way and one the other and Just turn wy i Might Miss the Rope or hit it only half of it on My foot and it would Roll and Certanly would throw Me or if i Might Miss the Rope and fall Strad of the Rope and if i fall 12 or 15 feet to the ground well i learned this trick in time then i learned to lay Down this was Very hard and a lot of other tricks i learned and got to Bee Pretty good at the Rope Busines So My father Dide when i was going on 12 years old and i went to one of My uncles for a while and the 4 of July was My Birthgay So they told Me to go to a Picknick ground about 6 Miles away and have a good time But they Did Not give Me a Cent of Money So i went and this Place was about !2 Miles from Saint Croix Falls in the Country and all farmers when i got there it was Rite in the woods they had a lemonad Stand and Candies and fire Crackers and there was a Dance floor and i Should Judge there was about 4 or 5 hundred Peopel around ther and i tell you they Did Selebrate them Days well i had No Money and i was Somewhat Bashifull at that time But i went up to a tall fellow i Supose he was the Man of the Day he Seemed to have More to Say around there than eny one else So i Said Mister i Can walk the tight Rope and he looked Down at Me as i was Short and he Said Can you they had a Swing up in Some tres and i Said you take Down that Swing Rope and Streatch it up 10 or 15 feet high and i will Show you well tight Rope walking was this Dayes a great thing So they took Down the Swing and fastened one end high up in a Nother tree and then Brought it acrissed through the Crotch of an oak tree and 10 men Pulled it tight and Mean while i went Back in the woods and got Me a Stick for a Balance Pole and came Back and the Rope was Ready So a fellow gave Me a Boost and i Climed up and Started to walk and Some one hollered out tight Rope walking and they all quit Dancing and the hole Crowed i Could See around Me But Not under Me as this head Man that i told to Put up the Rope he Kept them Back So i went on over and Came Back Backwards and Don all of My tricks and Came to the tree where i went up and Down i Came and a young fellow Came Running up to Me and hit Me a Slap on the Sholder and Said that is good and Dang good and he grabbed My hat and away he went throough the Crowed and he Came Back and gave Me the hat and it had $12.35 Cents in it Now this was the Most Money that i ever had up till that time then i Did Not Need eny Money all the Kids was around Me thick and they would Say how Did you learn this where Did you Come from what is your Name i was a Strainger to all of them they would give Me Candy fire Crackers enything that they had Money was No object to Me then well i went home and told them what i had Don and the Money that i Made and i Spent it all So they got Mad and gave Me a Scolding and i left and Never See them from that Day to this