Biennial Report State Conservation Commission of Wisc. 1933-34-Federal CCC

Click on the link below to review excerpts from Report to Biennial Report State Conservation Commission of Wisc. 1933-34. This document has a table that illustrates that the Federal Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was operational in Manitowish.  Actually, the Federal CCC camp was actually closer to Manitowish Waters than Manitowish.  The Federal CCC camp was located on the Manitowish River about a third of a mile downstream from the outlet of Circle Lily Creek.   The new bike trail to Mercer WI parallels the CCC camp about 300 yards after crossing the bridge over Circle Lily Creek. The old CCC camp is on state land and old concert pads from buildings are still visible.

No buildings remain because the CCC camps were packed-up and moved to new locations on trains or trucks as part of their reforestation model.  Importantly, the North Lakeland Discovery Center has an old CCC barracks on it’s grounds.

Important clarification: The Federal CCC camp on the Manitowish River had no connection to the Wisconsin Youth Conservation Camps on Statehouse Lake.