Field and Stream 1904 : Manitowish Waters – at John Mann’s cabins near or on Trout Lake

Click below to read an early account of great fishing in "Manitowish Waters" in the Trout Lake area.  The Trout Lake area is often referred to as Manitowish Waters because John Mann created his famous camp named, "The Manitowish" in 1890 and built a network of cabins on area lakes.  Mann sold his interest to Cardinals in about 1915, thus ending some of the confusion between the Mann property and other areas named Manitowish.

Please be aware of some awkward, racist narrative regarding American Indians, including a Scotsman guide and his relationship with an Ojibwa woman in the article. Importantly, the story does reveal some key details regarding the region and life at the turn of the century in the Northwoods.  First, the author describes the train and wagon transportation from Woodruff to Mann's camp. Next, the fishermen went to Diamond and Gresham lakes using a portage trail that is likely the trail documented on the original land surveys from the 1850's and '60's.   Finally, the author shares some big fish stories, including catching a 15 1/2 pound walleye that he kept.