Forest and Stream: How Fur is Caught V Sayner-Star Lake – 1895

Click on the link below to explore the fifth and final article from a series from Forest and Stream titled: How Fur Is Caught.  This late 19th century publication contains detailed descriptions of trapping, logging, winter conditions, toboggan use and hunting. A dark narration regarding lumber jack violence in Woodruff, Wisconsin, and more racial slurs regarding both immigrants and American Indians are also present.

Though this article is not directly related to the history of Manitowish Waters, the article is associated with four other Manitowish articles written by the same author on winter culture in the Northwoods.  Truly, a revealing and controversial article from the Northwoods during the late 19th century.

1895-Forest&Stream-How Fur IS Caught V

Editor’s note: please be aware, some articles from How Fur Is Caught, contains nativist and racist comments, sadly typical of early authors. Additionally, some may find offense regarding late 19th century trapping and wolf mitigation practices.  The MWHS chose to preserve these early articles unedited with a cautionary note allowing the reader full context, and the option to skip offending text.

forest and stream 1895 -article