Voss’ Birchwood Lodge

Resorts and fishing camps have been a part of the Manitowish Waters area since people first found their way to the Northwoods, whether by river, train or the rutted, bumpy road now known as U.S. Highway 51. Among the first of the resorts was Voss' Birchwood Lodge, founded in 1909 by Henry and Ruth Voss; this rustic setting proved fertile soil for the growth of their dreams. Through hard work, tenacity and a touch of good luck, they succeeded in building one of the Northwoods' premier summer resorts.

The main lodge was built in 1924, and a dance hall and bar soon followed to provide entertainment to the customers who occupied the 19 cabins and 18 hotel rooms. Fishing guides worked around the clock to satisfy adventure-seeking anglers who often anxiously waited for Voss' chefs to prepare their "catch of the day." Gambling was also a favorite pastime of many and so, during the days of prohibition, the main lodge and dance hall were filled with "one armed bandits" and "rum runner" spirits. All of these amenities and the secluded nature of the Northwoods proved tempting to many famous guests and one group of infamous visitors.

Henry and Ruth ran the resort until 1958 when their children, Audrey and Lloyd, took over. Lloyd added the marina, which is now Greer's Pier, to the resort and converted the dance hall into a lunch counter and tavern. Audrey focused her attention on the cabins and the dining room. Under her watchful eye, the main lodge became a place of refinement and quiet elegance. The antiques that create the decorum, the vintage depression glass drinking goblets and the artwork that bring Voss' to life were all handpicked by Audrey. Lloyd and Audrey ran the resort together until 1972, when Lloyd left to focus on his own resort, Voss' Breezy Point and the marina. Audrey continued to operate the resort until she passed away in 2006 at the age of 94.

Voss' is entering its 100th year of operation under the direction of Audrey's daughter Ruth and her grandson Christopher. The resort is now made up of 20 cabins and six hotel rooms, and is open from May until October. We hope that you enjoy our 100 years and four generations of hospitality as much as we enjoy providing it.