Welcome to Discovering the Northwoods

Welcome to the podcast “Discovering the Northwoods” from the Manitowish Waters Historical Society. My name is Brenna Reilley and I am the Manitowish Waters Historical Society intern. As a graduate student studying digital and public history, this podcast has a mission to expand the local history in an entertaining and educative manner. 

“Discovering the Northwoods” will take you on journeys through our local history with the help of primary source documentation. To get our podcast rolling – we have episodes on hunting, fishing, and tales of wild animals in our beloved Northwoods.

Our listeners can learn more about this rich history or about the historical society by checking out our website at  mwhistory.org. There we have blog posts for each episode with a full transcription of the audio, images, links to the primary sources. 

In addition our website can also guide to more information from the online collection, blogs, and YouTube Channel. For example our YouTube Channel title Manitowish Waters Historical Society has a playlist  Early Video Recordings of MW History Digitized from VHS in which videos have been recently digitized and captioned for your viewings! 

We are excited to enter the podcast space as we believe our local history is valuable and important to share with a larger audience. To access our episode you can either go to our website at mwhistory.org in the podcast section, or find us on Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, and Spreaker by searching “Discovering the Northwoods”. 

We greatly appreciate your support as a listener and we welcome feedback and also ideas for future episodes. Thank you!