Beaumont's Island

13070 Deer Path Road , Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin 54545
Dates Operated
1949 - 1960
Owner Name(s)
Mrs. Mitzi Beaumont
Resort Information

Mrs. Mitzi Beaumont, daughter of Maude Belter, purchased Belter’s Island Resort in 1949 after her mother’s death. Mitzi left much of the buildings and decor as they were when her mother ran it. The cabins still had old gas light fixtures and an outhouse out back. In the lodge, there was a stuffed bear in the corner, mounted fish on the walls, and hardwood tables with Schlitz Beer logos engraved into the chairs. 

Mrs. Mitzi Beaumont

The resort continued to have a distinct Northwoods feel. Her mother’s love for music and dancing was also passed along to Mitzi, and fellow guests could always count on her playing a little honky tonk jazz on the old upright piano while locals danced the night away. It was even said that Mitzi’s husband, Ed, would occasionally join her playing the drums.

While Mitzi had a deep love for her island and resort, she knew it would be difficult to run as she was getting older. Some improvements were made, including the purchase of a gasoline powered generator, the installation of electricity, and a new guest transport boat equipped with a 16 hp Scott Atwater motor. She also relied on family, as her children and grandchildren visited often, and her daughter and son-in-law lived directly across from the Island. Despite this, by 1960, Mitzi knew it was time for her to close the resort and retire to her home in Milwaukee. In an interview with the Lakeland Times, she commented, “I may come back next summer and spend some time on the island, but I’m concerned I might trip over a root, for walking isn’t that easy on the island. I think though, the time has come for my children to take over.” 

And with that, the resort on the large island on Stone Lake was closed and passed on to her family. She said in her interview, “Whatever they wish to do with their part of the island is fine. However, there will be no trees cut down. The trees on this island are so beautiful.”



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